Which drain should we buy?

 Many of us wonder which drain would be the best for our bathroom. You should buy the best shower drain in the market Today I will share my opinion about this issue.

Flange (cuff).

On market we have many drain models which have no flange. In my opinion it is not the best choice. Flange is a steel cuff around drain which make it more tight. Flange is also helpful during installation. It is much easier to put the drain in right position.

Drain fitting options.

Usually drains are available in two drain fitting options. With a metal drain fitting or with plastic drain fitting. The basic difference is of course material. The second thing is that plastic drain fitting can be swivel in any side of the drain. Although some manufacturers like KESMET for example on clients request can do this also with metal drain fitting. What is more KESMET can also move drain fitting in any place you wish on drain channel.

Drains with metal drain fitting have one very important advantage. Height. They are lower than drains with plastic drain fitting.

Edge finishing.

Many drains available on market, especially on internet auctions (notably cheaper than others) have edges with no proper finishing.  If you want to buy a good quality drains remember to ask about edges finishing.


Most common accessories are height adjustable feet and sealing manchet. Sealing manchet helps to protect floor and wall from dampness. In my opinion it is important to use it. Height adjustable feet helps to place drain in right position. They are not necessary and sometimes even not recommended (when we do not have much space).

In my opinion those 4 things are most important while choosing drain. If You have any other questions feel free to ask and contact


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