Remodeling bathrooms: 5 ideas to inspire you

The bathroom is the most intimate place in a house, where we go to take care of our personal care, relax and finish or start the day. At present, there are several designs that adapt to the new trends and fashions that travel the world, with state-of-the-art equipment, creating modern bathrooms, with very original and avant-garde proposals. If you are thinking of renovating your bathroom, we invite you to discover 7 bathrooms that will surely serve as a source of inspiration for your creativity. Join us to meet them!

1. Make it brighter

If your bathroom is dark, it's time for you to invest a bit in a lighting design that makes it look more modern ... and bright. A simple object that will make your bathroom look bigger and look brighter than it actually is, is by adding a mirror. Simple and simple, but it will make a big difference

2. Combination of textures

Having a combination of textures such as apparent brick, a polished floor in black, finished in white walls and a false ceiling grid, results in an industrial design, excellent taste and has very modern features and contemporary Having few or no decorative accessories, creates a minimalist approach that focuses more on the design of the room and its furniture. Image courtesy of  GAL SRL.

3. The tub as a leading element

One of the trends that have become popular today, are the independent tubs , which serve not only as a facility to enjoy a refreshing and relaxing bath, but also as an element that contributes to the aesthetics of design, fulfilling a character fully contemporary and original. Having a tub right in the center of the bathroom, creates a focal point that, without a doubt, gives a totally modern touch to this room.

4. Transparency and elegance

A shower wrapped in glazing creates a transparency that brings great elegance to the bathroom. In this beautiful project, we observed a bucket for the  shower , which helps separate the different areas of the room, which is excellently well lit, providing a warm character that is supported by wooden floors and stone elements in light tones. With a modern and sober design, this bathroom is a clear example of what you can achieve in your own home.

5. The use of micro tiles

The use of micro tiles in bathroom design is a trend that has recently been applied in the modern style when creating these spaces in a residence. The use of 2 or more shades in a random way, creates very interesting patterns that adapt to the latest design trends, giving a very original proposal to  bathrooms around the world. The textures and colors that can be handled with this product, form the perfect setting to showcase contemporary bathroom furniture.

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