How to repair a leaking toilet?

The National Superintendency of Services Sanitation of Peru ( SUNASS ) along the South Council Members - Ayacucho provided tips to avoid paying the water bill as a result of a water leak in the toilet. In this sense, they pointed out that with an ill-fated toilet one can lose up to 150 thousand liters of water equivalent to S / 320 per month.  

Steps to follow to repair a toilet:

1. Close the water supply valve under the toilet. Unload the toilet so you can work inside the tank. 

2. Locate the bolts that hold the tank to the base of the toilet; They are under the tank and most of the toilets have four screws. 

3. Remove the tank cap and place a flathead screwdriver inside the tank and on the top of the screw, this will prevent the bolt from turning when you tighten the nut at the bottom. 

4. Place the adjustable wrench in one of the nuts and adjust the key so that it is firmly around the bolt. If the key is too loose around the nuts, they could be damaged.

5. Turn the key clockwise to tighten the screw. Continue turning the key until you can no longer tighten the screw easily. 
6. Tighten the remaining bolts on the bottom of the tank similarly. 

7. Clean the bottom of the tank with a towel until it is completely dry, then open the water supply valve so that the tank fills up and check for leaks. If the tank is still leaking, confirm that all screws have been adjusted correctly. 

8. If you need to change the trap, take it to the hardware store to choose the indicated one and change it in the same way that you removed it to avoid leaking water.Finally, I recommend to buy the quality products if you need to replace anything like the best toilet fill valve, flapper or other small equipments.

The function of SUNASS, the regulator of drinking water, is to regulate, regulate, supervise and supervise sanitation companies at the national level, resolving claims at the second administrative level.
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